Raising Money for Pageant Related Costs

It’s that time of year again: Pageant time! When preparing to enter your city, state or country pageant it’s important to keep in mind that you can have sponsors to help with the costs that come with competing! A sponsor will most likely purchase an add page or donate good or services to you to help your out of pocket costs!

Consider asking a nail salon, tanning salon, hair salon, or gym to sponsor you with free services before nationals. Those are items and services you will most likely be paying for anyway, so wouldn’t it be nice to have it sponsored? Most of the time they will sponsor you if you simply give them an autograph photo or refer business to them!

To get sponsors to purchase an add, you should design a flyer and personally deliver it to local business's. Explain to them that with their support you could win the state or country title and how their ad could be seen by people all over your state or country! They can put coupons in their ad, or even a photo of you at their business! ALWAYS ask people you know first! Business's that you frequent the most are the ones most likely to place an ad with you!

Friends and Family can buy ads as well! They can wish you luck and include photos of them with you! You can also host a Beauty Queen Car Wash! Sell tickets in advance and recruit a few of your friends to help you! A lot of gas stations or schools will donate their location to you for free!

Another great way is a Princess Tea! You can sell tickets in advance to little girls or even big ones, in your area to have a Princess Tea with YOU! It’s a lot of fun for the little girls; you can even do an arts and crafts project with them! Or have a drawing for a private tea or lunch with you and sell raffle tickets to raise money!

Then there’s always Bake Sales! This probably won’t yield the type of profits you need to defray your total costs, but it couldn’t hurt! You can also have shirts made with your title and photo on them to sell to your supporters! Lastly, you can host a Dinner! A lot of restaurants will donate a portion of the night’s proceeds to you! ALL you have to do is ASK! But it’s important to promote your dinner with flyers, and make sure to invite all of your friends!

Spotlight on some of my favorite sponsors- Clay Spann and Joey Rutherford of Competitive Image!

My AWESOME hair and makeup sponsors- Thomas and Drew Dunn of Thomas Dunn Studios!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle 
Miss International 2014


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