Hashing Out the Hashtags

You have seen it by now, but how often do you use it? Which social media platforms are best to use it on? We are talking the “#” aka Hashtag. This is important tools to help gain visibility when used appropriately, and track content around a specific audience. It’s an invitation to others to join the conversation and journey. With one click of a Hashtag, all relative material comes up. If you’re a social media novice, hashtags — those short links proceeded by the pound sign (#) — may seem confusing and unnecessary. But they are integral to the way we communicate online, and it’s important to know how to use them. Plus, they can be a lot of fun. Research has shown that when #’s are used, an audience is 2x more likely to engage.

Top 5 ways Hashtags are being used on Social Media Today

A quick info graphic history on Hashtags:

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags:

DO use the official International Pageant #’s when the content you are posting is relevant to the pageant or your platform

DO develop one that is your own so with one click the relative information you want is showcased easily

DO use them on Instagram and this is the platform known best for its #’s

DON’T overuse them on Facebook. Facebook in the last year integrated #’s into its search capabilities, but too many hashtags on Facebook can become impersonal. I am guilty of this one sometimes since my Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, but if time allows I edit the Facebook post to reduce hashtags

DON’T overuse the hashtags on Twitter. Although this is the originator of the #, twitter has become overrun by business and marketing ads (like Facebook) and the lest hashtags, the higher chance you will have viewers looking at your content

DO celebrate other women, that is what we are about! but…..

DON’T get over consumed with what is happening with others using similar #’s, there is a healthy way to celebrate one another without feeling deflated that we are not “enough” . This applies to more than #’s, but when we start roaming social media, it can be a brain drain.


I’m going to take a second to expand on the last “DON’T” above. Recently I heard a quote from Rick Warren, pastor of Saddle Back church and author of Purpose Driven Life. He asked the audience “What is the most prominent light in your house? For me it would be our chandelier, it is the brightest and gets the most attention with its crystal’s and it’s visibility in our house. Now what is your most significant light? Ours is my night light. It is seen by less people, is smaller and not as flashy, but it helps me from tripping at night, stubbing my toe and is used the most. By looking at it, the nightlight can seem to be the least significant, but is the most significant of all.”

If we are not careful, we can get wrapped up in social media and living our life by “likes” instead of seeing how much impact we are really making for our platform.

Is it important to be proud of being and International Pageants titleholder and to share it with the world? YES. Do we need to get wrapped up if through social media’s eyes we are not necessarily the “chandelier”. NO. If you are a nightlight, be the best nightlight you can be and have faith in the lives you are impacting. Social Media is a piece of the puzzle in our lives, not the whole masterpiece. Social Media will never validate your value, only God can do that.

Top 10 Social Media Tags to Use:

- @IntlPageants

- #MrsIntl2015 ( #MissTeenIntl2015 , #MissIntl2015)

- #MrsInternational

- #InternationalPageants or #IntlPageants

- @insertPlatformCause (insert the tag of your platform, ex mine is @Soles4Souls)

- #insertplatformcause (insert your platform’s common hashtags, ex mine is #GiveShoesGiveLove and #WearOutPoverty depending on the post)

- #Insertevent (ex- If at a AHA Heart Ball, use #HeartBall or look up event hashtags prior to attending)

- #Pageant (or variation of #Pageants

- @ or #Insertsponsorname (If you are meeting with one of the official international sponsors, share about it, celebrate them and your hard work . Ex taking pics with Clay? @ClaySpannPhoto @Competitive_Image. Reading Suzy’s book? @RealSuzyBootz . Meeting with AT and Chelsea? @TonedToWin . Booked your appointment with Dunn Studios? @TDunnStudios . These are Instagram tags, twitter may vary or of course, use the #)

- #insertlocation (engage with the audiences of the location you are at Ex : I use #LNK for Lincoln often or the state name)

Enjoy exploring the world of hashtags!

Here is an additional relevant article if want to further expand your knowledge on this topic:


Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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