Tips to Engage the Media

I have received a few questions recently on how to engage with the media, and while I’m not an expert by any means, the engaging with the media is important so here are a few tips. International Queens have so many important causes to represent and bring visibility to as we also celebrate each other, besides social media, how can you get in front of a camera, on the radio, in an news paper or magazine article?

Top 5 Tips to Engage the Media:

1. Plain and simple persistence. You will get turned down and told no, and that is if you are lucky to get a response! It’s the nature of things, and not something to be taken personally, it’s just business. Keep trying different outlets or magazines.

2. Build and foster relationships after interviews. Many people in the media are really fun, don’t miss an opportunity to make friends either. They are still normal people like you and me☺

3. Have your press release ready. Your press release is kind of another version of your platform page and official application and ideally has consistent information. What would your press release look like if you were crowned Mrs. Miss or Miss Teen International 2015?

4. Ask yourself “ Am I someone I want to watch on TV or read an article about?”. This is a really valid question to think about. Suzy Bootz always kept me on track with my platform work and “my why”. What makes you marketable that the media of any kind want to engage in an interview?

5. Always be interview ready. Opportunities may come up when you least expect it, this is why it is critical to be 100% prepared ALL of the time. Crown and Sash, check. Clay Spann makeup on, check. Business card, autograph card in hand, check. The more prepared we are , the more likely interviews will happen.

Part of our goals with Soles4Souls is to bring visibility and a great way I was able to do that was American Ninja Warrior. Flashback to being in the studio with the producers of NBC for an interview.

3 Tips for looking your best on camera (as passed down to me from some really sweet show producers)

1. Solid colors look fantastic with statement jewelry, stay clear of patterns if possible

2. Appropriate attire. If the top is too low or skirt too short, it could be a major distraction to the audience and show producers, less likely for an invite back

3. Rock the crown and sash! We are International Pageants and that is something to celebrate sisters☺ Bring your platform logo laminated just in case you can share this on camera or in a picture as well.

For some additional examples of wardrobe for TV, you can check out previous Interviews here and also work with official pageant team members for styling:!media-features/c93j

Some of my favorite interviews pictured below over the last couple years. I’m very grateful all of these media engagement opportunities that came to fruition. It was really neat to do a show in another country, and then do my first interview as Mrs. International 2014!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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