Mind Your Body

Hi Everyone!

So I just finished my first Mind Your Body event! I thought I would spend some time explaining what the event is about!

A few months ago, I was driving home from work thinking about ways I could continue spreading awareness about mental health. Although there are many benefits of setting up a talk and discussing with people the benefits of being mentally healthy, I wanted to do something different and fun! My cousin recently started a dance fitness company, Go Long Fitness, and I decided to call her to see if there was any way we could join forces to create an event where people could enjoy a fun workout and also learn more about mental health. You see, exercise not only improves physical health, but it improves mental health too! My cousin loved the idea and thus we started Mind Your Body! For 2 hours participants go through fun dance routines to work up a sweat, and also learn about mental health along the way!

But I could not stop there. As an ambassador for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), I wanted to be able to financially donate so that they could continue all of the free resources that they provide for families. So Mind Your Body charges a low fee to attend, but all of the money goes to NAMI!

Our first event was in Austin and we all had so much fun! From the feedback I have already received, the participants loved learning interesting facts regarding being proactive in your mental health, while also burning some calories! With Mind Your Body, our mission is to continue to bring awareness to the benefits of incorporating exercise to help in your mental health. Our goal is to bring this event to different locations across the country! To see a snippet of my event, click the link below:

It’s amazing what can come from an idea that you have from sitting in your car! So I hope to encourage all of you to pursue an idea that you have been thinking about! It may not see like all of the pieces of the puzzle will fit together, but if you are focused and determined to persevere, it is amazing how it will all pay off!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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