The Bond of Sisters

The International system produces some of the most amazing sisters. It is so special to see and experience first hand the devotion that so many of you have and show towards each other. Competition week is long and tiresome, but for me being able to experience it with amazing women from all areas of the world with so many different platforms not only made the week fly by, but also allowed me to get to know so many inspiring women. Each of you are really working your platform, but in addition to that so many of you are working towards helping your sisters as well.

Our system isn’t about just winning and wearing a crown. It isn’t just about you. Believe it or not, it isn’t just about your immediate family either, although, for many of us they may have been the ones that sparked our interest to do more. We, as women and as titleholders, have a job to do. A job that will go on long after we pass on our title and crown. A job that some of us may never see the end product or bonus to all of our determination and hard work. As influential leaders in our communities we need to continue to set examples for those around us. We should also be setting examples for each other. Our sisters.

During pageant week, it is inevitable that you will gravitate towards the women that are most like you and your friends from home. My advice to you is yes, absolutely get to know them, but also branch out and get to know those women that are completely opposite. Sisterhood, especially in the International system, is a bond that goes on long after the curtains close on the final night of the pageant. Stay in touch with as many of them as you can. Help them and they will help you. Personally, I don’t know what I would do without many of you sweet women from the class of 2015! Love you all!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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