Who Am I?

I recently worked with a patient during a therapy session. I asked him, “Tell me about yourself!” to which he responded “What do you want to know?” I stated that I wanted to know about him, his likes and dislikes, his personality, etc. Do you know that he could not answer my question? He sat there for at least 5 minutes trying to form an answer, but not being able to give me any insight into his life. When he finally came up with something, he responded “I do not know who I am anymore.” My heart broke for him, but then it made me think… how many of us walk around day in and day out not really knowing who we are inside? We spend so much time at school or working, fulfilling our responsibilities to our over-committed lives, that do we get a chance to really know ourselves?

I often have my younger clients write me an “I Am” poem (which I have attached below!). It is a creative way to get children to think introspectively as to how they are feeling and getting to know themselves better. Often responded with some resistance, I will sometimes ask my adult clients to write one for me. Of course they think it’s silly, but they typically have fun with it! Whether it is a poem, journaling, or spending some alone time in a park, I encourage all of us to get to know ourselves better. If we do not truly know who we are inside, how can we expect others to get to know the beautiful person God created us to be? You may learn things that will forever change your life!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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