All the Single Ladies!

So we have just passed the time of year where it seems like everyone is getting engaged. And since Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, I am sure that all forms of social media will be loaded with new sparkly rings! It is an exciting time in a woman's life to know that they are finally with the person they are going to spend the rest of their life with, so of course I naturally become so excited for my friends who are entering into this next chapter in their lives. However, as someone who wants to eventually be a wife and mother, there are times when I ask God "When will it be my turn?". It is easy to feel discouraged when you do not see when and how one of God's promises will come to pass. When I turned 26 and 27, I remember thinking "Oh great...another birthday and I am still not married". As my next birthday approaches, it was easy to continue that same defeated mentality. However, I decided that this birthday I would change my perspective. I will choose to celebrate my singleness! After talking with some of my married friends, there are things they envy about my single life...imagine that! So I have decided that I am going to continue to do things that will potentially become more difficult when I am married with kids. I will do more traveling, I will focus on continuing my education with a doctorate, and I will treat myself to a nice pair of shoes every now and then...just because I can!

I want to encourage all of those who are single and wondering when God will bring your mate. His timing is ALWAYS perfect. There is a reason why you are not married yet. His plan for your life may require a few more "single" years to prepare you to have a successful marriage. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, think about what God has blessed you with. Had God operated off of my timeline, I would have already been married and would have missed the amazing opportunity to be Miss International this year. And I would not give this experience up for anything. So God knew exactly what He was doing! We have the rest of our lives to be fabulous wives and mothers. Enjoy these last moments of getting to know and love yourself the way that God sees you!

Cue: Beyonce's "Single Ladies"!

Celebrating singleness,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


  1. This post encouraged me So much! I still have those feelings like when will it be me to have that you and love? Single years are the preparation years and I'm under construction for the man God has set aside for me. Thanks for this Elise.
    Royal International Ms Sooner State 2016


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