Birthday Bucket List

I just turned another year older, although, I will forever stay 25 if anyone asks me how old I am. I’m 32 and sometimes I feel like I’m 82 by the end of the day. Birthdays are special to me and growing up I liked to have a month long celebration. I’m sure my mom was glad when April rolled around. These years, I feel lucky if I get a cake we are so busy. The boys, all 3 of them, were determined to make my day special this year. The boys thought it would be a good idea if I had my “party” at either play street museum, where they had their 4th birthday, or took me fishing.

Elise came into town the weekend before my birthday and we had lots of fun shopping! She pointed out that I have been 3 different ages since I won the Mrs. Texas International title. I was 30 when I was crowned, turned 31 the next day and because the state pageant was pushed back a month to April, add in another year older. It is still hard to believe that I’m on the path that I am on and I would have never seen myself wearing a crown when I turned 30. As a wife and mommy, I think it is so cool that we have the opportunity to continue to do things, not only for ourselves, but also for others outside of our family with the help of a crown.

This year, I am stealing the idea of a sweet and beautiful friend of mine to have a bucket list for my 32nd year of life. I need 32 things on my list. One for each year of my life. Things could include something as small as learning a certain recipe, to bigger things like a big trip with family or girlfriends. I need your help though coming up with a good list and would love for you to message me with some ideas. Nothing too crazy like eating bugs, though. That’s not happening. Lots of love, ladies!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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