Life Lessons from Pageants

Since I can remember, pageants have been a part of my life. Although I did not start competing until I was 15, I remember watching pageants growing up. I was even a pageant girl for Halloween one year! From competing, to spectating, to judging, I've seen and experienced an embarrassing number of pageants! What is not embarrassing, however, is the life lessons I have been able to take away from pageantry.

- Be A Great Loser: Yes, that's what I said! I have lost more pageants than I have won. However, pageants have taught me how to graciously lose. I can tell you countless stories of girls who threw a fit when they weren't called as the winner, wrote a rant on social media, or approached the judges or director about how they felt the results were wrong. At the end of the day, they are only viewed as being a sore loser. Pageants can teach you how to handle disappointment appropriately. Learning how to congratulate the winner, will help you in other life situations when you have to keep your head held high even when you did not get the results that you wanted.

- Hard Work Pays Off: Whether you win or lose, pageants teach you how to work hard for a goal. All the preparation it takes to compete, is similar to the amount of hard work it takes to work for a goal in school, work or in a personal relationship. Setting goals and working hard to achieve them is an important life lesson that can be learned from pageants.

- External Excellence: Although it is more important to have internal beauty with character, we have to be honest and know that the very first impression is often made by how we present ourselves on the outside. Learning how to style myself based on my body type, knowing how to apply makeup and style hair, and learning how to carry a conversation, are all things that I have learned from pageants that have helped me in the life as well.

Only one lady will walk away with the crown and sash at a pageant, but there are so many other benefits from competing. The lessons you learn from pageants can help you the rest of your life!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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