Pageant Binder

Organization is a key component in pageantry. It takes tons of sticky notes, bags, hangers, train cases, suit cases, and emergency supplies to even reach the hotel room, but there are ways to be organized when your pageant is still months away. Before I competed in the state pageant I created a binder that held information of my platform, bio sheet, and any other helpful articles I found about volunteerism to study before interview. A great idea to help you with onstage question is to watch a video of your state pageant and copy every question they ask the delegates then transform it to fit your platform, write an answer, and save it in your binder to study as you prepare for the pageant. If you do not have a state pageant, think of any possible questions that could be asked about your platform and do the same.

I transformed my pageant binder into my Miss Teen International binder to keep me organized throughout my year.

My interview section gives me things to study before any news or radio interviews.

A helpful section to have in your binder is planning. Keep a planner with all of your appearances written down along with any other responsibilities and deadlines you may have with your title. This will help you not become overwhelmed as well as help you continue being a prompt and organized titleholder!

My planning portion helps me schedule appearances and helps me keep up with all I have done so far throughout this year.

In my fitness portion, I kept diets from my trainer, healthy recipes, and workouts. This kept me motivated. It is an easy way to help you stay on the right track and you can always have a healthy meal to cook right at your fingertips!

My fitness portion helps me stay in shape.

An extra way to complete your binder is a blog idea portion. If you are the next Miss Teen International, you will be required to blog twice a week, so it would be a great idea to start making it a habit. Sometimes it is hard to think of something to blog about, so with your blog section in your binder, anytime you hear or read something that will make a great blog, you can jot it down in your notes and never be stuck with nothing to write about. I actually kept a blog idea section in my College Composition binder this semester. My teacher had a wonderful way with words and showed the class inspirational videos, so I would flip to my blog idea section and write it down, then I knew what I would blog about that week!

With this portion I know I will never run out of topics to blog about!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Jules Fletcher
Miss Teen International 2015


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