Pageant Tip Tuesday: Interview

I always felt like the scariest part of competition was interview. Thinking, “What if I say something completely stupid?” “This is the majority of my score, If I mess up then I’m out.” “How should I sit?” Well, as I was looking through all of my notes, I realized that I was more prepared than I thought I was. Here are some helpful tips that helped me get through my interview.

1. Facial expressions: Look happy. When you introduce yourself, smile. If you are talking about something light hearted, smile. If you are asked a more serious question, be real and look the way you normally would if you were talking to your best friend about it. Try your best not to look nervous.

2. Be confident: This is YOUR platform that you created. No one knows it better than you.

3. Study: Research possible interview questions and create an answer to them. You could even have your parent sit down and ask you the questions. My mom always said, “I am your worst critic and I am going to tell you the truth.” Find statistics that go with your platform.

4. Composure: Walk in and to each table with nice posture, shake the judges’ hand confidently. Sit with one ankle behind the other, and your hands folded in your lap. Feel free to lightly talk with your hands occasionally.

5. Do what you say you do: leading up to the pageant do events and get involved with events promoting your platform. Judges love to see you are who you say you are!

6. Make-up: Choose to wear soft, natural make up. Nothing too distracting. This is the judges chance to see you on the inside, so try not to let them see what is only on the surface. 

7. Be you: It is totally okay to crack a couple of jokes in your interview. It helps lighten your nerves and shows that you are real. The judges are real people too and almost all of them have been on the other side of the table a time or two, so just talk to them.

8. Exit: When the timer ends, finish up what you are answering quickly. Tell them thank you for being here and shake their hand.

Never forget to be yourself and to have fun. Pageant interviews are a great learning experience for us teens. We are just one step closer to learning how to survive in the real world.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible.”- Audrey Hepburn

Jules Fletcher
Miss Teen International 2015


  1. Do you recommend shaking the judges hands, I have never been advised too do so. would love to know your insight.


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