Thanksgiving - The Key to Happiness!

All of us are blind to some extent, blind to other people's needs, blind to manipulation, blind to everyday miracles, and blind to the everyday, blessings- all around us.

We've become a world of unthankfulness. And our youth has unfortunately, mastered this trait.

If we could take the blinders off, and look around...We could see the blessings that are all around us! Our health, our spouses, our children, and their health, a roof over our heads, clean water, food on the table, food in the pantry, a vehicle or two.... (Maybe you don't have all of those, but how many other blessings do you have?)

If we could remove those blinders, then maybe we could see all the needs that surround us: children hurting, abuse, suicide, hunger, homelessness, racism, hate. All needs that we fail to see in our daily lives!

We are all so blind, that we are missing out on amazing opportunities. Opportunities to bless others, to make an impact on someone's life, or to be that one person that makes a difference!

What if we taught our kids to open their eyes, to notice the needs around them, to live a life of serving and giving?

My husband and I moved to WY in 2012, to work with their youth. The area where we moved was number one county for suicides in the US (predominantly in youth) at that time. What I noticed was this, when kids are empty, have no purpose, they lose hope. But you fill their "love tanks" invest a little time, and give them purpose- then the suicides seize!

Fear fails to exist, when there is love and hope in abundance.

We invest into them every week, we feed them, teach them, love on them. There are many times where we have to buy them groceries, clothes, shoes, or jackets....But the consistency, and the key is- LOVE!
We taught them to give back by making Valentines Day baskets for kids who are being bullied, to make thank you cards for the firemen, and to cook them a meal, to write letters of encouragement to kids struggling.

And in doing so, we've given them purpose. As a result, suicides have dropped, the youth is happier, they have purpose...And they're more thankful.

As we enter Thanksgiving, and we reflect on the things we are most grateful for...Remember everyday is thanksgiving, remember to show thankfulness...Our kids are watching, and we want them to learn to have a thankful heart.

Teach them to be grateful for the little things, just as much as the big things. Teach them to bless, and serve others, and to be the light in a dark place.

Thanksgiving is more than just one day, thanksgiving is a lifestyle!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you,



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