A Day In The Life With Miss International: Travel Weekends

Being Miss International 2016 is a dream come true, blessing, and huge responsibility. When I competed for this title, I knew that numerous opportunities to serve would become available… but I never imagined it would be to this magnitude. Each day I am more and more humbled by the opportunities the Lord gives me! I’d like to invite you all to take a look at what travel weekends are like as Miss International. We’ll use my recent trip to Little Rock, AR as an example!

Friday – October 2016
4:00AM EST Wake up and Make Coffee
4:30AM EST Hair and Make-up
5:30AM EST Leave for the Airport
6:30AM EST Arrive at Airport
8:00AM EST Flight to Little Rock, AR

8:30AM CST Arrive in Little Rock, AR
9:00AM CST Gather Luggage and Get Rental Car
10:30 AM CST Meet with True Beauty Representative
12:15 PM CST Travel to Appearance
12:30 PM CST Ronald McDonald House Appearance
2:10 PM CST Travel to Appearance
2:30 PM CST Boys & Girls Club Speaking Engagement
5:30 PM CST Travel to Host Family

Saturday – October 2016
6:00AM CST Wake-up and have coffee
6:30AM CST Hair & Make-up
8:00AM CST Travel to Appearance – NEDA Walk
8:30AM CST Arrive at Appearance and Assist With Set-up
9:00AM CST Meet and Greet
9:45AM CST Present NEDA Speech – “The Truth About Beauty”
10:00AM CST Walk Begins
11:00AM CST Walk Ends
11:45AM CST Lunch with Director and Representatives
1:00PM CST Pack Luggage
1:30PM CST Travel to Airport
2:30PM CST Return Rental Car
3:00PM CST Board Flight to Atlanta

6:20PM EST Arrive in Atlanta

This year of service is phenomenal and remarkable… but it is a job that cannot be taken lightly. At appearances, it’s peoples’ first time meeting Miss International and being able to serve them is a huge responsibility. We stay very busy as International Representatives… but I love each and every moment of it.

If you’re planning on becoming the next Miss International, I would encourage you to focus on the job. Do what it takes to prepare yourself to not only compete for Miss International… but to BE Miss International. The competition and crowning moment is only the beginning. Develop your time management, communication, and social media skills so that you are prepared to step into the most wonderful job in the world from the moment you are crowned. This truly is life in the blessed lane!
Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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