Choosing a Platform

How do you choose a platform?

Well that's easy, you don't!

The platform should choose you!

For instance, what is your story? What obstacle, mountain, valley, or storm have you overcome?

Maybe it didn't happen to you directly, maybe it was something that happened to a loved one, and it affected you. Now, you want to use that to raise awareness, or educate others on the signs??

Maybe it's a passion of yours? For instance, maybe you're passionate about the environment, kids, or animals.. So then you would work to save the earth, or work with children- preventing abuse, or maybe you work to prevent animal cruelty...Whatever you're most passionate about, that's what you should choose.

Perhaps it was something you personally had to endure, or fight like: bulimia, bullying, cancer, homelessness, suicidal thoughts... ?

The point is, I believe every passion was placed in our hearts for a purpose. Every obstacle that we have had to overcome has been for a reason….We can either allow them to hurt us, change us, control us, define us, orrr they can EMPOWER us!

Choosing a platform is important, that's part of your story. That's your “signature story” use it, make an emotional connection with the judges. Then they won't have to ask you why you chose that platform, they'll know why!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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