Treat Yourself

Being Miss International is a dream come true. Each day I have the unique privilege to serve as a role model and advocate for loving yourself and your body. It truly is the best job in the world! It's nonstop and I'm constantly working on something.

This year has shown me that we are all like sponges. We must soak up something to pour it out into others. Often times I find myself so busy… that I forget to replenish my own “water” or decide it's not a priority. When I do this… just like a sponge, I find myself dried out - tired - and less on fire than I usually am. I have never doubted the calling God has placed on my life with young women and to make sure I am able to fulfill His purposes… I also have to take care of myself.

Free time is rare so I have to schedule dates with myself where I do something that is girly and pampers me. Here are 3 ways I like to treat myself so that my heart is full to serve others.
  • Hello, Face Masks! I am actually wearing one right now. When it's been a long week of traveling, a moisturizing and replenishing mask does the trick to bring my skin back to life! I like to wear them as I snuggle up in bed with my puppy to watch The Bachelor (Yes I know, it's terrible… but Ben Higgins made me start loving it again. Don't judge.) or YouTube!
  • Bubble Baths! There are few things better than a Lush or Philosophy bubble bath after being in 6 inch heels for any amount of time. I like to make it extra bubbly and set up my iPad so I can watch a sermon from Passion City Church. 
  • Walk It Out! I live near a beautiful park and have the best puppy ever! Put the two together and you have a match made in heaven. While I'm on the walks with my puppy, I turn off my phone and just be present in the moment. I'm able to fully unplug and just live in the moment.

These are three things that work for me - use them as a catalyst to find ways for you to treat yourself and prepare to change the world.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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