"Fitspo" for Fitness Wear

On any given day, we can find ourself on social media looking at what is going on. Perhaps we see the latest trend or a hot product. Maybe you even find yourself looking at fitspo to inspire you in the fitness wear competition. In recent years, “fitspo” (short for fitness inspiration) has become wildly popular. We can look at a photo…and without a trained eye… fall into the lie that we are somehow “less than” because we don’t have chiseled abs just like what we see on Instagram.

We should probably keep a few factors in mind. Yes, the people we see as “fitspo” are in great shape and worked hard to get where they are… but there can be multiple factors in play. We don’t see their entire backstory or know what is going on in their life. On social media, people only post what they want people to see. What comes across as someone’s “day one hundred” may be enhanced by lighting and editing.

Often times, people look at fitspo as the gospel instead of what it was meant to be… inspiration. They can find themselves feel defeated rather than motivated. Instead of wanting to go to the gym - they wonder why even bother?

What if we became our own fitspo? What if our own progress and strength inspired us to keep going and pressing on toward heart health? What if instead of comparing our bodies to something we see on Pinterest… we celebrate our body for what it’s capable of and will be capable of in the future? What if we worked to become our personal best instead of a second rate version of someone else?

Let’s celebrate our health journey instead of beating ourself up because we don’t look like what we see on social media! Our inspiration can come from within by making heart healthy decisions in every facet of our life. I don’t know about yall, but when I am taking care of my body and treating it like a treasure… I am significantly more confident in it than when I treat it like a garbage can. By fueling my body, I feel inspired - fit - and ready to take on the world!

Today I challenge you to become your own fitspo - taking steps toward a healthier and more fit you! You are worth the time, energy, and resources. You’ve always been beautiful, now you’re just becoming stronger, tougher, and healthier!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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