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I have a huge heart for helping the homeless, therefore, during my visit to Dothan I decided to book an appearance at a Christian Homeless shelter called The Dothan Rescue Mission.

There, I was able to minister to the women, and their kids by leading a bible study group. I shared about my personal experience, having lost everything, my home, our cars, along with our pride. And then I shared how that experience ended up being the best thing that ever happened to my family.

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You could see their jaws drop! They were amazed, some even cried.

When you look at a "beauty queen" you automatically assume that they're perfect. That they have perfect lives, and everything in their life is easy.

But for them to know that we’re no different, the we are all the same...That I too, have been homeless, and I've lost everything...

That was HUGE for these women!

It have them hope, it gave them faith, and it gave them courage.

THIS is what I love most about being Mrs International, these experiences.

Opportunities like these where I get to impact someone's life, and help them believe in themselves.

And it's taught me so much about myself, I've realized that every heartache, every tear, every painful moment in my life was for a reason. It wasn't in vain.

Because of this title, I've been able to use every one of those experiences to speak into other people's lives.

I encourage you to do the same!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-



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