What a week! Practice what you preach?

Where do I begin? WOW, what a whirlwind of events…for those of you who think (even for a second) that Mrs. International is wonder woman or any type of super hero, you might want to step off the invisible cape before you find yourself tumbling through the air! LOL! I am human and the last week has been a difficult one to say the least! However, I am too blessed to remain stressed and too anointed to be disappointed! Attitude determines everything! So keep focused on all of the blessings around!

I was incredibly disappointed that I missed the Sherri Hill trunk show last week at the Competitive Image. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (the sick side). With the drive time, I knew there was no way humanly possible I could make the drive! I was heartbroken! I missed seeing my favorite designer, favorite pageant shop owner, favorite photographer, favorite ad designer, favorite coach, favorite laugh (Ms. Terri) and my favorite director…and of course meeting some of the amazing ladies who are competing in just a few weeks for the job of Mrs. International. I was truly disappointed! I missed at least two days of functioning then I had a wreck (nothing major, thank the good Lord) and I missed one of my dearest friend’s weddings! (I know you’re thinking, Mrs. International is a wreck and that’s OK because laughter is the best medicine, so send it my way).

The most difficult and heartbreaking news came a few days later when my dad started experiencing shortness of breath, high blood pressure…was he having a heart attack?! I immediately thought about all of the statistics that I have shared with women across the country during my reign as Mrs. International. But he is my daddy. He is not a woman! The facts are hard to swallow; heart disease remains the #1 killer! Male, female, superman, or superwoman it does not discriminate!

He was transported to Charlotte and had surgery on Tuesday of this week and I am ecstatic to report he is doing GREAT! I want to thank everyone who kept my daddy and my entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

Please tell the people you love most to KNOW THEIR NUMBERS! Know your blood pressure and check it frequently, especially when you are under stressful situations. DO not ignore fluid retention or ANY changes in your body!

Heart Disease claims lives every day! I thank God my daddy is still here! I hope you will tell those you love to listen to their bodies, eat healthy, exercise, know their numbers and don’t wait until it’s too late! If it’s indigestion, so what! If it’s not, you too may get a 2nd chance to spend many more years with your daddy!

Until next post, remain blessed!



  1. I am so glad your dad is doing better. Sending much love your way. Elizabeth


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