How to Help a Child Who is Struggling with Reading

I recently attended an educational forum in which parents discussed the most effective ways of helping a child who is struggling with reading.  This can be an especially difficult problem for a parent to deal with.  Unfortunately, a lot of parents feel lost, like they don’t have the right tools to help their children.  
If your child is struggling with reading, the first thing you should do is seek expert advice.  Children struggle with reading for various reasons.  Sometimes, it may be due to a learning disability.  Early diagnosis is imperative!  By consulting with an expert, you can identify the exact reason that your child is struggling and focus in on the best course of action to help them succeed.
Additionally, as with most things, a little confidence goes a long way.  A big part of helping your child to become a successful reader, is working daily to build their confidence and self esteem.  For a child who is struggling with reading, being called on to read in front of their class can be a terrifying experience that cripples their self esteem.  Sadly, it usually isn’t until a child has read in front of the class on numerous occasions that the teacher realizes that the child is struggling with reading and alerts the parents.  By that time, significant damage can be done. 

Parents can help undo this damage by devoting as little as 30 minutes a day to reading with their child.  Reading with your child helps builds their self confidence in a number of ways.  First, your praise and encouragement gives them the much needed boost to persevere and tackle difficult words.  Second, your home is a safe space.  Without the fear of embarrassment, children are less likely to feel ashamed of their difficulties.  Third, practice makes perfect.  The more a child a reads at home, the better he or she will become at reading.  As their confidence grows, so will their skill and desire to read. 

Ciji Dodds
Miss International 2011


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