Be an Angel-Buy a Bracelet- Save a Life!

Did you know that on average, 3,000 children die everyday from Malaria?  Malaria is an easily treatable and preventable disease.  It is a mosquito borne infectious disease that is transmitted through a single mosquito bite.  With the exception of very rare cases, Malaria has been eliminated in the United States.  However, it still poses a serious risk to people living in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and certain regions of South America.   
Malaika For Life is dedicated to eradicating Malaria.  Malaika means angel in Swahili, and   through the sale of bracelets, Malaika For Life acts as an angel for thousands of children who are at risk for contacting Malaria.   So how does it work?  The bracelets sold by Malaika For Life are made by women in the Tamiha Women’s Program, which is an organization dedicated to empowering impoverished women in Tanzania.

 $5 from the sale of each bracelet goes towards the purchase and distribution of malaria medication.  $5 may seem like a nominal amount of money.  But, lifesaving malaria medication costs $10, which is a small fortune to those living in the most affected regions.   The remaining    goes towards expenses and wages for the women.  Not only is Malaika For Life leading the fight against malaria, but it is also supporting economic development.     If you have a moment, take a moment to check out this amazing organization.
Ciji Dodds
Miss International 2011


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