Wojtowicz Family Christmas

Most of you know me as Sarah Bazey, however, I spent much of my life as Sarah Wojtowicz. Believe it or not, both my maiden name and married name are of Polish descent…and yes, I have heard a few Polish jokes in my lifetime!

This blog is simply an opportunity to share some of the many fun photographs that were captured with members of my family as we celebrated a yummy Christmas brunch together at the wonderful Lake Elmo Inn, in the charming little town of Lake Elmo, located just East of the Twin Cities.

Thank you to Santa Claus for sharing gifts with my great-nephews and nieces, the fabulous staff that made certain we were well cared for and well fed, and my family for which I am truly thankful and blessed! Please know that this is only a portion of my family members, we missed those who were not able to join us, and there were too many pictures to post them all:

With Mom

With Lake Elmo Inn Staff
With Lake Elmo Inn Staff
With Sister Claudine and her husband Mark
With Brother Nick and his wife Wendy
With Brother Lon and his wife Pat
With Brother Len and his wife Sally
With Santa, great-nephews and great-nieces
With Ethan, Elliot, Nathan, Isabella, and Aalyiah

With Aaron, Jordan, and Jake
With Wyatt, Joshua, and Nathan

All my love,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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