"Man Cave" Holiday Bash

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would be attending a party in a “Man Cave!” Not only did I attend, but Joe and I were the host and hostess. For the past several years my husband had been developing a construction project that not only appeals to the fiscally conservative type who prefer to own rather than rent, but it brings out the little boy and girl in everyone who enters our wrought iron gate and drives on the concrete pavement toward a steel structure with stone veneer, 14’ x 16’ garage doors, and a stunning copper roof!

The development is called Garage Solution Condominium, aka Man Caves, and it is becoming a booming real estate proposition in many parts of the country. In short, if you would love to own more garage space where you can store your prized car, protect the RV, boat, trailer, four-wheeler, snowmobile, change your oil, repair a motor, build a model plane, shoot a round of pool, watch a football game, or share a pizza with your buddies…this is the place!

Below you can check out the link to our website, which includes a video clip of phase I of the project, however, before you do that…I want to share with you the most unexpected and wonderful part about this adventure my husband has brought me on…and you won’t be surprised to learn it is about the people! Each buyer of a garage condo becomes a partner in our Garage Solution Condominium Owners’ Association, and it has been a sincere gift to get to know each of these individuals and their families.

As the group has grown, Joe and I decided last year for the first time to hold an annual holiday gathering, which we did again on this December 7th. We hosted the party in our garage and were able to capture a group photo to share with you, of course only after I addressed the group as Mrs. International and invited them to join me as we travel the world (we may even have a couple takers)!

Enjoy the photo and please do take a peek at the website:  http://www.garagesolutioncondominiums.com/

Warmest Wishes,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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