Bobiam Grand Opening

“Empowering youth is our motivation, and art is our instrument.”
Bobiam Artistic Streetwear is a one of a kind business. Powered by the endless imagination of youth artists, they promote creativity by turning youth artists’ designs into wearable art. Their new location in Uptown Minneapolis Minnesota is completely unique and fitting for the urban city lifestyle. Not only do they sell youth illustrated clothing in the Uptown store, they also provide a youth gallery exhibition hall and art studio memberships!
Most parents aren’t too fond of the idea of a child creating a huge art mess in the middle of their living room floor… instead, come to Bobiam where you will check in with a membership card, like you would at the gym, and be able to work in a safe, creatively supportive space, as well as, purchase supplies as you need them. This is the only youth art studio membership space available in the cities and if you ask me, a must have Christmas gift for any creative kid.
When a youth artist is recruited, their artwork is printed onto a variety of clothes, hoodies, t-shirts, yoga pants, and thermals. They also feature youth designs on iphone cases, large-scale canvases in the gallery, and of course featured on the Bobiam website. Each artists receives a large portion of their designs earnings, helping youth create a name for their artistic abilities, expose others to their work, provide experience in a creative career, and ultimately helping them raise funds for more artistic endeavors in the future.
The main reason I have grown to be such a big supporter of this company is because for each individual shirt sold, Bobiam donates $1.00 to Free Arts Minnesota! How cool is that?! Now, some of you may be thinking, a dollar isn’t much, but when your sales are nearly $10,000.00, it really adds up fast!
Last weekend was their big grand opening party. I was recruited to organize and emcee a fashion show showcasing their newest collection. The owner’s son, Liam, and his nickname, “Liam Bobiam”, inspired the Bobiam Company. Liam is one of the many awesome artists featured in this season’s designs.
Here I am with my very best friend, Melanie Hoang, Manager of the Uptown Bobiam store. We have been inseparable since high school. When she started working for a company that was so closely affiliated with Free Arts, we knew it had to be fate. I jumped at the chance to help out with their big night and be able to support a company that ultimately supports what I am advocating, creativity! She really pushed me to my limits preparing for the grand opening. Working 12-hour days or more to make sure every detail was “just right” the week before the grand opening, she is a very dedicated worker and shares my passion for youth art. Every body ache, hour without sleep, and stressful moment was completely worth it, because the final result was a huge success and overall, a fun fabulous night!
Here are two of our models showing off their favorite design, “Enlighten” Hoodies by Kira Leadholm. I had so much fun organizing the models and all of their “looks”. We had men, women and children modeling almost 30 different pieces of Bobiam Artistic Streetwear.
Here comes Liam “Bobiam” himself, the inspiration for this entire company. Wearing his very own design, “Cowhead,”quite a literal and appropriate name for this design.  Many of Liam’s friends from school stopped in and said, “I want the Liam shirt!” He must be so proud when he looks around at his classmates and they are wearing a shirt that he designed!
Here is a familiar face! Miss Teen Minnesota, Gabby Taylor graciously volunteered to help out with the show. She is wearing 100% organic cotton leggings and “i8” tank.
Gabby and her friend Maddy, another model, stayed and enjoyed the fun atmosphere while the band, Uncle Chunk, played classic tunes long into the night.
Here is the Uncle Chunk band set up in our art studio space. Joey, lead singer.
We had art projects available for all the kids. We literally had mobs of kids scattered all over the floor, in the hallways, under tables, priced and ready to sell their unique creations... haha. It looks like they already made a few bucks!
Here is one of the talented, featured artists, Miles Petrick, doodling a new illustration.
I wrapped up the night with good friends and family. Pictured above is Brice Hanson and Eric Bell, two of my good friends and Bobiam fanatics, both wearing Bobiam creations!
Make sure to check out and support youth artwork!
“I am going to create whatever I may, whatever I must. Whatever quiet it is that is waiting to be discovered inside of me.”
All my love,

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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