Kent Yohe

There really is nothing like sharing a conversation with someone who has a story to share…and I love a good story…especially when it has a happy ending! Mr. Kent Yohe, husband of Mrs. North Dakota International 1993 and the director of the North Dakota International Pageants, was kind enough to give Becky Thoreson and me a tour of his Chiropractic office located in Fargo, and share a bite to eat at a local favorite lunch spot.
Kent & Me
Kent & Becky

Interestingly enough, Kent’s story relates to our pageant system and our affiliation with the American Heart Association. Let me start by making a bold statement, “Kent looks like the epitome of health; trim, fit, is well educated as a chiropractor with many years of experience, and works out regularly.” Yet, one day after a workout, he still wasn’t feeling quite right and decided to go for a bike ride. When he made it into the office, he happened to mention to his daughter Allison (Miss North Dakota International 2005 and co-director alongside her Mother Kathy) some of the symptoms he was feeling.

It was because of Allison’s exposure to the “Go Red” message that she insisted her father go to the doctor. Of course not any doctor, in Kent’s case it would be his own son Mark, that he would turn to and learn that in fact he was experiencing a heart attack. Allison and her brother may be the reason I was able to share this afternoon with a very nice man and to hear his story.

It goes to show that we can never underestimate the power of a message…and kudos to the Yohe family for making the right decisions at a critical moment in their lives. Thank you for sharing!

With love and appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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