ND International Pageant

When I stood up from my judge’s chair and walked on stage at the North Dakota International Pageant on December 1, 2012, I shared with the contestants, their family members and friends, the other judges, emcees, and production crew a message that I love to share with anyone who will listen. I told them that the ladies on stage behind me have already won, because they have already challenged themselves, found a cause to which they are committed, and taken a risk that not just anyone would take.

It was my privilege to share with the audience the feeling of honor that goes with carrying the Mrs. International crown on my head. As I travel the world and meet people from all walks of life, I tell them about the International system and what makes it so special, I share the message of living a heart healthy life whenever the opportunity is afforded, and cannot even put into words the feeling that is experienced when I speak about my burn injuries and the way in which I now view my scars after so many years of covering them up.

Most importantly, I shared with them that I carry this crown in honor and representation of each of the ladies on the stage, every member of the audience who assisted these lovely competitors to achieve their goals, and all of the individuals in auditoriums just like this one who have made the same commitments around the world.

I want to thank Kathy and Allison for asking me to be a judge at what was a fabulous production. It was a blast judging with such an experienced panel of judges; Krista, Maddy, Megan, and Andrew.

Judges and Winners

As for the outgoing Queens, you obviously had an amazing year together, and I am confident North Dakota could not be more proud of the way you represented your state. A special mention to my “Rock Star Roommate” in Chicago, Ashley…who announced that she and Adam are expecting in her farewell speech!

To the new titleholders, you each have a wonderful opportunity before you…make every moment count!

Becky, Krista, me, Maddy, and Megan 

Krista and me

Krista, Olivia, me and Ashley

Krista, Taylor, Grace, Jen and me

And last, but not least, it was so thrilling to meet the beautiful and gracious Carolyn Mosher, Mrs. International 1996, who represented North Dakota and all of us so very well! This may sound funny, but I was actually so excited when I was told she was in the room…a real Mrs. International…I had to giggle at myself for forgetting the crown was on my head!

With love and appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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