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I spent the day touring the United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham facility. UCP serves over 3,000 citizens living in Birmingham and the 10 surrounding counties. However, UCP does not limit their therapeutic services to children and adults with Cerebral Palsy. They serve citizens with many different forms of special needs. From therapeutic gardens to job training, UCP has it all!

Mr. David Bryant, Chief Development Officer of UCP, took me on an official tour of the UCP campus…complete with my very own “chariot”.


One of UCP’s many programs in the Hand in Hand Program, a daycare and preschool serving both children with special needs and normally developing children. With over 20 therapists on staff, children receive the absolute best care possible. Every classroom is filled with love, learning, and lots of laughter. UCP is equipped with the most modern technology and teaching methods to ensure that every child excels both socially and academically. Children with special needs and their normally developing peers have the opportunity to learn and grow together, all while creating lasting friendships!

I met Ashlyn, a toddler receiving therapeutic services at UCP. She is so full of determination and spirit!

My favorite part of the day was touring the adult care center. Adults with all types of special needs learn social skills, receive medical care, and participate in volunteer and social activities on the UCP campus. However, perhaps the most life altering help UCP gives the participants is the ability to earn their very own paycheck. Through their career support programs, UCP assists in every step of the job process. They begin by preparing each participant in pre-job training. UCP trains participants for job interviews and helps with resumes and job applications. They then evaluate each person’s skills and interests before placing them in a fitting job. After teaching the participant the skills needed to succeed at that particular job, they are active in corresponding with employers to resolve any job performance issues to ensure that the participant thrives at his or her place of work. Below are a few of the friends I made while touring the UCP adult center.


The United Cerebral Palsy of Great Birmingham is an absolute blessing to our area. They go above and beyond to ensure that all of their participants lead a successful and happy life, helping every single step of the way.
Caroline Crowley


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