Meet Tim Kretschmann from, “The PageantCast.” For years, he has interviewed women from all over the world about their experiences in pageants. Not a bad gig, right? Tim and I met several years ago when we both attended Mrs. International. It seemed to become a yearly tradition and I always look forward to seeing him.

Tim’s podcasts have offered me great insight. Listen to even a few of his shows and you feel inspired by those he interviews while getting a feel for their personalities and what drives them.

And for as long as I have known Tim, I have never done a one-on-one interview on his show. So this week we changed that and I traveled to Wisconsin to tape his show. We spoke about Mrs. International and CASA and he put me to the test with some left field questions like…well, you will have to watch his show to see! It was a blast and after the interview, we ventured over to The Gingerbread House (What a great little find!) for a late lunch and then the trip back home. Thank you Tim!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio


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