The Special Gifts Theater

Imagine. Dream. Believe.

I love those three words. We should ALL Imagine. Dream. Believe.

And that is what the Special Gifts Theater helps their members do. SGT opens doors to new possibilities for children and teens with a variety of special needs. Whether someone has physical, cognitive, social, emotional, or learning challenges; these children and teens are given the opportunity to experience the joy and enrichment the theatre arts can bring.

SGT motivates and honors the creative spirit in each individual and is educationally and therapeutically based. This creative experience enables personal growth while breaking down stereotypes related to disabilities. Each member is partnered with a peer mentor.

Every year, the theater puts on a production. Mentors helps members find their stage presence, remember their places and lines and together, they also build a friendship.

With SGT performer, Princess Ali

With SGT performer ‘Genie,’ who wanted to give me his medal from the walk. Very charming!

Saturday was their inaugural Magic Carpet Walk/Run. A month ago, I spotted their flier for the event while in a Starbucks. It caught my attention and I liked what I read about the organization and so I snapped a picture of it and called to see how I could help. On stage, I watched these kids light up while they performed songs including some from the past production of, “Aladdin.”

I have been on stage MANY times in life and it still makes me a little nervous. So, I give each member of the SGT touring troupe my full admiration. From the volunteers, to the mentors, to the performers and their families, it was a marvelous event. I am so glad I was able to be there and happy I can know tell you about their hard work.

The next big production will be in March 2014!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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