Soles4Souls Partnerships

I am very excited to announce a global partnership I initiated and have assisted with has recently come to fruition! Soles4Souls is the official shoe charity of the sanctioned Obstacle Racing World Championships! This brings Soles4Souls global visibility; fundraising opportunity as people sign up, and we will be hosting a collection site there!

Much of the work I am honored to do with Soles4Souls is very visible, but there are some sides of representing as their spokesperson you do not see on a daily basis. One of the areas we are able to advance their mission to wear out poverty together almost daily is through helping initiate and cultivate partnerships.

Through the “3 V’s” I focus on, one of them is Vastidity. That represents my extensive global network, and paired with the network of Soles4Souls we have been able to have a positive impact on the world.

The efforts with Soles4Souls I take very seriously and treat like a full time job, as anyone should when working with your platform. Through all of the areas we collaborate, weekly it totals 30 to 40 hours not counting appearances. People always ask me if I work for Soles4Souls because they know the time commitment it takes and my reply is “Yes and No”. No, because I do not accept any payment from them, this is my passion and every day I just get to live what I love, which is helping others, bringing hope and loving people around the world. Yes, because what an amazing opportunity every day to give others a chance at life….that is something any amount of money could never replace.

I would like to introduce you to one of the team members from Soles4Souls I have the privilege of working with. Meet Tiffany Johnson. Country Music singer, global travel and just a plain amazing beautiful person whom I’m fortunate enough to call friend. (PS…she made a country cd for Soles4Souls and portion of the profits goes to them!

Tiffany Johnson and I in Honduras to distribute shoes earlier this year

How does the impact translate?

Many people know Soles4Souls as a global charity…and they are. But do you know about their impact in the US as well?

We distributed Skechers Bob’s to these girls in Honduras. They were overjoyed! 

Funnest part of all of this? The part that comes after giving shoes… love!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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