Supporting One Another

Recently Miss International, Elise Banks, wrote a blog on peoples negative words and I loved it. If you didn’t get a chance to read it please check it out. Not only am I so glad Elise wrote it, I am so glad that we were able to talk, until 3:30 a.m., about how hurtful words can be.

The hateful and disgusting words that can flow out of people’s mouths without them thinking twice is shocking. I have experienced it firsthand and let me tell you it hurts! I’m sure most, if not everyone, reading this can attest to some sort of negativity that was thrown their way at some point in their life. I realize that I am far from perfect and have said things in my life that have hurt another person, but as I have matured with age I have done my best to not take part in the demise of another person. Life is hard enough without someone else trying to make it even harder. On the same note, I have tried to weed out those that continually bring hatred and negativity to any situation. The best way to stay happy is to surround yourself with happy people.

Sadly, the bullying, which is totally what it is, will never end. When something doesn’t exactly go the way we want it to there seems to be a season of lashing out towards others. The best advice I can give you is to pray! Pray hard that God will hold our tongues and keep our words kind. Pray that God will show us the path that He wants us to be on. Although we may not understand why we didn’t win the pageant or get our dream job, trust that the person that God chose is the right person. Congratulate and support that person, not bring them down, no matter how hurt you are.

As women, we need to do more of this. We have so many different hats we have to wear from wife, mother, coworker, chef, taxi driver, and personal assistants to our family. We are all trying to balance life and do so with a smile on our face. Let’s do better about building our fellow sisters up. Pick each other up in a time of need and celebrate each other’s successes. You never know what someone is dealing with on the inside and you could be the one to brighten their day and turn their life around, after all, everyone deserves to be happy.

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