Everyday We Are Faced With A Choice

“If I traveled the world, I'd be happy.”

“If I was debt free, I'd be happy.”

“If I found the man of my dreams, I'd be happy.”

“If I made a million dollars, I'd be happy.”

“If I could just get pregnant, I'd be happy.”

Each one of us has a unspoken “recipe” to “happiness.” We may not even realize it, but they're there buried and disguised in our everyday thoughts.

We spend a good percentage of the day thinking and meditating on the lies that Hollywood has presented to us. A false image of what life should look like. It has us believing that people with fast cars, fancy clothes, living in luxurious home, and eating at 5 star restaurants...THAT is happiness! But the truth is, none of those recipes will bring you happiness.

We spend most of our lives in discontentment, regardless if we are living in poverty, or if we are rich. Everyone wants to have, and be, MORE. And the discontentment keeps us focused on those lies.

But the truth is, we are creatures of adaptation, when it gets hot, we sweat. When it gets cold, we shiver...All in order to adapt to our surroundings and handle the current conditions in our life. So regardless, if you're used to driving a Ferrari or a Volkswagen Bug, you have just as much opportunity to be happy...But the choice is yours.

I've been on both sides of the coin, I've lived a life of luxury, and I've lived a life of poverty. And I will tell you, I've been unhappy and unfulfilled and I've been happy and fulfilled, on both sides. Paul says in the Word “to be content always, and in all things.” (Philippians 4:11)

Ask yourself, how much time do you spend looking in the mirror discontent with your body or looks? How much time do you spend discontent with your finances? How much time do you spend discontent with your house, your vehicles, your clothes, or your marriage?

We spend countless hours focusing and pursuing what we don't have. But today, this hour, this moment in your life, will pass...And you'll never be able to get it back. We need to realize that we have the choice to be happy regardless of our current circumstance. And that choice releases faith, which unlocks the doorway to true joy. And that is where God can move in our lives!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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