Packing? Don’t Forget these Miscellaneous Items!

Packing time is coming up! I personally love to travel, but dread packing. My OCD kicks in and it stresses me out. I recently traveled overseas to Asia for a week, visited several different countries in that week, flew 5 flights, several boat transits, 5 different hotels, and only packed in a small carry on roller! Needless to say, I was VERY impressed with myself!

Then there’s little trips this year I’ve taken, like NY, TN, and IL, where I’ve packed an oversized check-in just for a few days (hey- those gowns take up a lot of space)!

The time I packed for West Virginia for Mrs. International though, I spent a few weeks packing and ended up shipping 3 boxes, checking 3 suitcases, and carrying on my competition wardrobe.

When your packing for nationals I know you’ll remember all the necessities like wardrobe, accessories, and cosmetics. But I’ve made a list of some little “just in case” items that might make a big difference and come in handy to help you!

A few things not to forget:
  • your Official Handbook 
  • sewing kit in case of emergencies 
  • vitamins and medications just in case 
  • autograph cards and a sharpie
  • travel steamer
  • rehearsal bag and small clutches
  • pins: hair pins, safety pins, crown pins, and bobby pins
  • manicure kit in case you break a nail
  • refillable water bottle
  • neutral shawl or sweater in case you get cold 
  • umbrella 
  • light weight robe for backstage or hair and make up
  • sunglasses (outing day)
  • baby wipes and shout wipes 
  • comfy slides (For rehearsal bag when your feet need a break) 
  • “It stays”, or double sided tape, for last minute fashion fixes
  • cushion foot inserts and mole skin to pad shoe straps and prevent blisters
  • light snacks and breath mints 
  • back of door hooks- for dresses/gowns
  • headphones 
  • your favorite play list 
  • sleeping mask 
  • a picture of your loved ones, something for your night stand to bring you a sense of home and comfort when you miss you family. 
Just a few things that sometimes we forget when we’re overwhelmed packing for such an important week. I hope this list helps you remember those small items that might make a big difference, just in case, during your time at nationals.

See you in Charleston!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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