Picking & Packing Accessories

When it comes to accessories, I am probably the worst because I hardly ever wear any. Browse through my instagram photos and you will see that I usually go unadorned to events. Of course, this would not work for competition week. Which is why I had to plan out my accessories with great care.


Accessories can be your friend, or it can totally take away the attention from you. Your overall look is important as you don’t want the accessories to distract. You want the attention on you, not on your earrings. For personal interviews, go with simple pearl or stud earrings. I avoid dangly earrings as I want to look more serious and business-like.

Onstage is a different story. You can go pick your sparkly and dangly earrings and add matching bangles. I avoid necklaces on stage especially if I am already wearing dangly earrings as they would just compete with each other. Additionally, not having a necklace will allow your neck to look longer and not cut your overall silhouette. This is particularly important for me as I didn’t have the height as some of the other candidates.

As far as packing accessories, I have a very specific routine. First, I prepare my basic emergency kit which consists of 4 sets of accessories - a simple silver and a simple gold set and a fancier dangly silver and gold set. This way, if I needed a pair in a pinch I can use one from this kit. Having a choice for simple or fancy give me the ability to match the accessory with the event. With this basic set I can go to a simple dinner or match a set to an onstage outfit should I need to.

Next, I lay out accessories specific to each outfit. A basic trick I learned from show choir and dance competition is bagging the accessories and hanging them to the hanger with the dress. You’ll be glad you did this when you’re getting ready and you don’t have to go digging for those specific earrings you wanted with that fun fashion.

Accessories finish up your overall look so spend a bit of time to plan them out. Match them to the dress and the event. I can’t wait to see what you all pick!!
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