Tips for Heart Healthy Competition Ready Eating

The time is coming, nationals is just around the corner! This calls for busier than ever schedules and a lot of last minute check list, but what we usually forget… is to check our MEALS! Often times when we are running around so busy, we tend NOT to eat much or eat what is just convenient. This is NOT going to help us in pageant competition and this is NOT the time for irresponsible eating! There are more negative consequences than just your scale results when eating irresponsibly, like the negative impact on your esteem, energy, and skin! That is not what you want to slow you down just before competition! Not to mention, when you eat right you GLOW from the inside out! So here are some tips for Heart Healthy Competition Ready Eating!
  • Track Your Food: When you track your food you really SEE what you are eating! You realize what is in your food. There are plenty of apps you can easily do this on your phone with that make it so convenient.
  • Limit Unnecessary Liquids: Like carbonated drinks, energy drinks, coffee, etc. and If you are over 21, that means alcohol! 
  • Water, Water, Water: No explanation here, but my favorite result from a heavy water intake … is the look of my skin! 
  • Eat Early: A majority of ALL your calories should be consumed BEFORE dinner, then eat a light dinner, and finish your night with water!
  • Protein in EVERY meal and snack: Protein intake develops muscle, helps you burn fat, and lean out.
  • Sugar = NO. Just say NO!
  • Fast Meals/ Grocery Prepared Quick “Healthy” snacks: Reality Check! These are ALL filled with SODIUM to make them last! Make your quick meals and snacks at home for the days you are on the go.
  • Balance is Key: When you change things up it helps your body not set a new normal. Change is good. This includes your diet and your work-out routine. 
  • Tomorrow is a new day! If you mess up, don’t stress, because you can start again tomorrow! 
  • Green is Clean! Fill your meals with fresh greens balanced with protein. It helps clean your gut, which can personally drag you down, it will lift your scale AND your mood!
A typical routine day for me at this time, even though I’m not competing is:

Breakfast: A bowl of Greek yogurt, Blackberries, and granola.

Mid-Morning Snack: Protein Shake.

Lunch: Fresh Chicken Salad or tuna salad, wrapped in a lettuce wrap, topped with red pepper. (This is my favorite lunch!)

Afternoon Snack 1: Cup of nuts with a piece of fruit

Afternoon Snack 2: Protein Bar

Dinner: Protein Packed Salad, I.e.: Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken –Or- Protein Fillet (piece of fish, chicken, steak with an oversized portion of healthy fresh veggies)

Evening Snack: Bed Time Tea or Peppermint Tea (I LOVE peppermint tea!)

Best of luck in your final preparations! Don’t have regrets, show up in Charleston your BEST Healthy Self!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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