God Bless Texas

I’m sure you’ve heard the song, “God Bless Texas”. The song writer must have attended the Texas International Pageant a time or two. Seriously, Texas is home to some of the most amazing, beautiful, successful, and inspiring women!

Shortly after winning the title of Mrs. International last July, Kristin Koether, the Texas International director invited me to attend her state pageant. I was incredibly honored, but to be completely honest, a little anxious about my duty of what I call “sitting in the hot seat”. Being a judge is one of the hardest things to do in pageantry. I would rather compete in swimsuit/fitness any day of the week, interview for 6 hours straight, and walk in heels until my feet are begging for mercy! Trust me, judging is incredibly hard!

There were so many deserving delegates! I hope each Texas contestant reads this blog entry because you were all fantastic! You ladies touched my heart with your stories during interview, your community service work is remarkable, and having the courage to walk across the stage and compete for your dream makes you all winners in the game of life. Just like sports... in the end, there’s only one team who wears the shirt and hat that says, “Champions”. If you competed for a Texas title this year, or you are headed to Chicago in July to compete for the International title, I want to share my definition of beauty. Beauty is about confidence! It’s about believing in YOU and never comparing yourself to anyone else. We are all unique! When you truly realize, accept, and celebrate YOU…you are ready to win! That’s my definition of true beauty!

Speaking of true beauty….

I’m extremely proud of my International sisters, and I wanted to share with you some of my International sisters who call Texas home. Like I said, “God Bless Texas”

Mrs. International 2006, Suzy Bootz was Mrs. Texas 2006 when she captured the International title

I adore this lady! This photo was taken during the week of Mrs. International last July when Suzy helped me capture my dream of becoming Mrs. International. As you can see, she also captured the heart of Miss Magic!

Miss International 2010, Ashley Smith was Miss Texas 2010 when she captured the Miss International crown last July

I had the best time with Ashley in her home state of Texas. Ashley makes me laugh…a lot! I love positive people and Ashley is a gal who wakes up each day and finds something “beautiful” to focus on… to the point of posting a photo in her “It’s a beautiful life” album daily! She looks for the good in all situations and most of all, I adore her because she loves and respects her mom! I hope and pray that Halle-Grace will love me the way Ashley loves her mom as she becomes a little lady! Ashley’s words to her mother during her speech, said it all!

Another amazing former Texas titleholder and the current executive director of the Texas International Pageants is Kristin Koether. Kristin was named the 2010 International Director of the Year last July in Chicago! She loves the International Pageant System and its promise to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of its contestants by showcasing the accomplishments of today's women!

Kristin Koether, 2010 International Pageants Director of the Year

Another amazing lady I met in Texas, Mrs. Brooke Good! She is one of a kind! A former Mrs. Oklahoma International, Brooke also served as a judge. She is one of the most authentic ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! We immediately bonded and had a great time sight seeing, enjoying good food, shopping and we laughed way too much! Getting to know Brooke and her story makes her even more beautiful than any photo portrays! She’s a woman of courage, determination, and amazing style…she and her friend BJ are responsible for my Cowgirl hat!

The beautiful San Antonio River Walk

Judges Panel

With the new Miss Texas International, Kelli Ansley

With the new Mrs. Texas International, Angelique Hoover

2010 Texas International Queens
Special ladies with the most amazing and supportive families…Thank you guys for taking me to all of the fabulous late night Restaurants (and I’ll never forget the determination to find the pizza at midnight)!
Love you all!

I truly had a wonderful time and I appreciate everything the Texas International family did to make me feel right at home. From the moment I arrived, Kristin’s mother was waiting for me at the airport with my room keys in her hand! YES, Kristin had taken the time to check me into my suite, AND, she had goodies waiting for me! Kristin, THANK YOU! I also want to thank the TX International staff and a very special thanks to the 2010 Texas queens and their families! You guys made me feel like family! I truly enjoyed our time together! Good food and awesome company, equals a memorable trip that I will treasure forever!

Until next post, remain blessed.



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