Fit Fitness Into Your Schedule

The countdown has begun!  For many of you, wedging a workout into your daily schedule may be a little stressful.  My advice is to take a deep breath and have an Oreo.

I’ll share with you a life-changing hurdle I ran into while training for the Mrs. International Pageant.  I had progressively altered the time of day when I ingested good carbs.  So, this time last year, I would eat all my carbs for the day before 10am.  I had significantly reduced my dairy intake, and increased my intake of protein and vegetables.  So what happened?  I started to lose too much cushion in my joints to the point they were aching.  Not good.  Luckily, my trainers were in sync with my conditioning and we revised my nutrition plan, by adding one day of enjoying junk food.  (‘Junkfood Janet’ was a nickname my husband gave me on these days.)

My other hurdle was time.  Being me, I had scheduled all my workouts, and of course, life had a different plan.  Some days, I only had enough time to do a 5-minute warm-up and 10-minutes of weight training.  Was that enough?  Yes.  Every workout, counts.  And, on days when I was dealing with soreness, I took the day off from training.  My trainers reinforced the need for me to “stay positive.”  Stressing about “not” working out can do more harm than actually, not working out. 

On Saturday, July 21, we will have crowned the new Mrs. International.   You want to be that woman sporting the crown, so don’t give up – but also make sure to take care of yourself.

Janet Bolin


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