Mother's Day Weekend

I have a fabulous Mother.  She’s a high school art teacher who loves teaching and inspiring the creativity in each student who participates in her class.  She also continues to be one of the most kind, caring, considerate, trustworthy and motivational people in my life.

Cheryl (Corder) Risner when she competed in pageants.

As we head into Mother’s Day Weekend, I share with you a little piece of inspiration I received from my mother as I was preparing for the Mrs. International Pageant.   She reminded that just like in my younger years competing in pageants and dance competitions, I should treasure the friendships I develop in my journey.  She couldn’t have been more right.  She also said to be the same person on-stage as you are off-stage and don’t hold back from sharing your enthusiasm and passion for your platform.   Right again.  Thanks, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

Janet Bolin


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