My mother means the world to me. She’s my best friend and confidant. She travels with me everywhere and documents my travels. 

We call her mom, but she is better known as the Momarazzi! From the day I was a local titleholder, she has been my Public Relations person and personal photographer. Not to mention an awesome makeup artist and stylist as well as wardrobe critic!

Everyone says we look like twins!

She says, "How awesome is it that I get to travel around with Miss Teen International and be her personal photographer too?!?!"

As a way to say thank you and Happy Mother’s Day, I booked a surprise photo shoot for my mother with the famous Clay Spann at the Trunk Show in Dothan, Alabama! My mom is always the one doing my makeup and taking my photos, so I thought it was her turn to switch roles and be behind the camera!

Getting some tips from the expert!

She did such a fabulous job and we had a blast with Clay and Terri! I can’t wait to see the final photos!

Jurnee Carr


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