Craft Time! – “The Bobbi Board”

As long as I can remember I have been surrounded by bobbi pins. They can literally be found everywhere… in the coin pocket of my purses, the center console of my car, the bottom of every single jewelry box or travel case I own (even when I would bet they are empty!). And still, when I need them the most they are nowhere to be found! They are an integral part of so many crown hairstyles: a small bump at the hairline to add volume when my hair is up, they secure the ends of a bun to make it look sleek and tidy, and/or artfully pinning back my front layer when I know I will be talking with kids and want my hair out of my face, to name a few!

I have had it with the bobbi pin saga – I need a way to keep track of my pins so they are organized and always within reach. So, in true International Pageant girl fashion I got crafty and creative and made my new best friend. I have affectionately named it “the bobbi board”.

What you need to make your own:

-A picture frame of your choice/any size
-Rolls of magnet, size and amount will vary based on the frame you selected (can be found in any craft store in a variety of lengths and widths)
-Glue Gun
-Sheet of scrapbook paper of choice (optional)

My completed “bobbi board!”

1)Remove the glass from your picture frame and discard
2) Cut strips of magnet roll the width of the frame (enough to cover entirely)
3) Remove backing of magnet roll strips
4) Remove the back of the picture frame. Now that you have discarded the glass, this is where you will work your magic. Using your hot glue gun “paint” a line directly on the frame piece and place and hold a magnet strip on top to set.
5) Repeat this process until the entire piece is covered with magnets
6) OPTIONAL depending on magnet strength: Cover the magnet board with a thin sheet of decorative paper to jazz it up. You don’t want to muffle the magnet strength or else the pins will not stay
7) Put frame back together, scrounge up all your lose bobbi pins and put them on your board.

TADA! Never have to look for a bobbi pin ever again!

Seek Happiness,



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