The Most Important Job I’ve Ever Had

When I returned home from Miss International I was living on a cloud.  My dream had come true, I got the job!  Naturally I had a pile of mail to sift through, but in that pile was something very special. My sweet girl friend, Lonna, is having her wedding ceremony next November to the love of her life, Aaron.  Drumroll please…. She asked ME to be her Maid Of Honor!  I thought I couldn’t have been any happier than when I heard my name called on July 27th, but this “title” is just as amazing.  It is fitting that “honor” is in the name, because that is what I truly feel – honored.

Sadly, Lonna now lives in North Carolina and will soon move to California.  She was in town last week and we did LOTS of wedding planning.  That’s when the weight of my position really set in.  I want Lonna (and Aaron) to have the most beautiful and special day of their lives – so far!  I love listening to Lonna’s vision and dreaming up ways to make it a reality.  Even though lots of miles are in between us, I know that between Lonna’s Mom, Donna, myself, and the other amazing bridesmaids we will ensure that every t is crossed and every i is dotted for that special day!

Maid of Honor and Bride to Be! I love you!

Jesse Ladoue


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