Miss PHS

At my school one of the most prestigious awards given out throughout the year is Mr. & Miss PHS. It’s voted on by the entire student body, grades 7th through 12th. Mr. PHS and Miss PHS are two seniors who are looked up to by the students and are role models to the underclassmen. They’re students who are very liked and respected among the students and faculty. They are the faces of my high school.

This year I had the honor of being named Miss PHS alongside a boy I’ve known since elementary, the new Mr. PHS, Jess Jones.

Being named Miss PHS was very special to me because it showed me that even when I don’t realize it, people are always watching and taking note of the decisions I make, how I react in tough situations and how I treat other people. I was honored to know that the underclassmen look up to me and admire me whether it is because of my morals and values or maybe my work with organizations such as the American Heart Association. Whatever the reasoning behind it, I’m proud to know how highly my fellow students think of me.

With this, I urge you to remember that in all circumstances and situations there will always be someone watching. Someone, maybe younger, who needs a person to look up to and to strive to be like. Someone, whom you may not even know, could be deeply impacted by a simple decision you make. Be aware of this as you go through each day and with that I leave you with this.

“The woman that I see walks in kindness, strength, and dignity and confers worth on every person she encounters.” - Kerri Weems

Simply… love all, be kind, give generously, and stand tall.

All my love,

Haley Rose Pontius


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