Christmas at My House

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday for so many reasons! It’s a time to celebrate the birth of my Lord Jesus Christ as well as give thanks for each other, the blessings that we have, and the time that we have to spend with each other.

Every year on Christmas, my family gathers together at my grandparent’s house. Even though I see my family members all throughout the year, having us all together on Christmas day is something truly special.

We spend the day opening presents, eating a delicious meal, and visiting with each other while A Christmas Story plays on the TV. We typically play some sort of game while we’re there that keeps us laughing the whole time.

My favorite has always been our traditional White Elephant game. Where we draw numbers and take turns selecting a gift from under the tree. When your number is called you have the choice of either selecting your own mystery gift or stealing one that has already been opened from someone else. There are always a few gifts that everybody wants and a few gifts that everybody tries to avoid. No matter what you end up with, the true gift is the laughter and joy we have with each other.

Although the gifts are great and the food is amazing, we must never lose sight of what this day is truly about, the birth of our Lord Jesus. He is the reason for all of the joy that we have this holiday season and to him be the glory.

Merry Christmas,
Haley Pontius


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