My State Director

The day after I was crowned Miss Teen Arkansas International 2013 back in March, my state director Bernee Thurow went right to work preparing my sister queens and me for the International competition. Throughout the three months leading up to the pageant in Chicago, Bernee dedicated every waking moment to us. From early morning events in 40 degree weather and pouring rain to late night trips across Arkansas, she was by my side all the way.

The International Pageant itself was a whirlwind of events, rehearsals, and competition. Bernee helped keep me focused throughout all of the excitement and stay grounded. For this I am forever grateful to her.

Bernee has been involved with the International pageant for most of her life and she has dedicated herself to it. She strongly believes in its purpose and has a passion for it that I admire. I wanted to dedicate this blog to her because without her I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I do. She has pushed me to be my best and shown me what I can really do if I put my mind to it.

Much love,

Haley Pontius


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