My Christmas Wish...List

Lately there have been many conversations about what everyone wants for Christmas. I am difficult when asked what I would like.  Um, not much.  As someone who is about my family, friends, pets and CASA…my wish list is more like a dream list.  “If you could have anything…what would it be?” Aside from quality healthcare, good education and no national debt…Here is a top ten list of wants and not in any particular order:

1) Peace on Earth and goodwill to (wo)men. Hold on, that’s a song.

2) A wonderfully new home for Legacy. He’s been my big 1200 pound puppy, otherwise known as my horse for the past 2+ years.  May his new owner adore the very dirt he walks, trots, canters and jumps upon. May he teach them so much about riding and all that great stuff.

3) May my family and friends be happy, healthy and feel loved, forever and always.

4) I wish for a remote control that would allow me to pause, rewind and replay parts of my life.

5) I wish for a faster metabolism, as I love food.

6) I wish for the love of working out, as I do not have a fast metabolism. Or I would take the love of all things healthy when it comes to food.

7) I would love to visit Nashville, TN where many of my favorite people and places are located.

8) I wish my family (parents and brother’s family) lived next door…or down the street. We may have too much fun and not get much done, so maybe the next town over.

9) I wish every person who reads this donates $1 to CASA.  Or they summon the courage to step up for abused and neglected children by becoming foster parents or CASA volunteers. (Or was that 2 wishes?)

10) I wish the “Christmas spirit,” or the “Spirit of Giving,” wasn’t just a time of year, but every day.

But still, I‘m told my family wants ideas of what to give.  So I always suggest they give to those who need it more.  If you find yourself facing one of ME, then here are a few suggestions:

*  (You know I had to get that in there) Every generous gift provides training for child advocates and services for both advocates and the abused and neglected children served through CASA.

*  Heifer International works to end hunger and poverty around the world. Through gifting chickens, cows, or funding projects; you help families become self-reliant.

*  Empowering women & girls through education and economic opportunity. They also are part of crisis relief efforts.  Girl power!

*Download the app “Charity Miles,” and go for a bike, walk or run.  Every logged mile will turn in to donations for one of the dozen organizations you select. Get going!

* Prevent Child Abuse America does just that; they work to prevent child abuse! Purchase a Tie for a Cause. They also have Pinwheels for Prevention Jewelry and “My Little Grandma,” dolls!

* Purchase a donation gift card and the recipient can decide which charity (over 1000) will receive the donation.

* At a discount, you can donate a bed for a cat or dog that will keep them up off the cold cement floors of a shelter. It is SO easy; they will ship it directly to a shelter of your choice, which they will help you locate.

*A simple Google search will help you find a state horse rescue program in your area.  They are usually done by breed. Some unwind racehorses so they can become pleasure horses. Others try to find homes for Arabians, draft horses and others who may otherwise be abandoned.

May you help a cause close to your heart or help an organization close to the heart of a loved one.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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