The Best Laid Plans

Isn’t this a beautiful invitation?

I was scheduled to fly to Albany, New York this past week. That‘s where CASA of New York State (CASA of NYS) is headquartered. They invited me to attend and speak at their Diamond and Hearts for New York’s Children event on the first evening. The following morning I was prepared to give an hour long power-point presentation to all the program directors from around the state. The lovely invitations were sent out, I had confirmed my flight and they had the hotel and transportation set.

And then…a day out…my 8-year-old son became pretty sick. We took him to the doctor for a possible ear infection (rare for him) and discovered his cough was the start of walking pneumonia. (We would later find out much of his school was hit hard by pneumonia and even a couple of classmates were hospitalized.) There is nothing worse, for me, than that helpless feeling of not being able to make a sick child feel better. So, given the diagnosis, I had to scratch my plans. Mary Richardson always has the best words of advice and helped me feel better about having to cancel last minute.

Thank goodness for technology ands Skype!

Beam me up from Chicago to New York! Thanks to Mrs. New York International 2014, Nicole Palmer, for snapping this shot during the event.

But, I rarely call it quits. So, I forwarded along the presentation and within hours I was welcomed to the world of Skype. Then on Wednesday night, I was able to Skype in to the diamond event. I hope to make it up CASA of NYS and travel to Albany soon for another great CASA event.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


  1. She is beautiful and of great character! Can't beat that.


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