Family Service Night

Sometimes you just can't be in two places at once. We try, yes, but only sometimes can we actually pull it off, right? That was the case on Wednesday night. I was asked to take part in a major brainstorming session for an upcoming CASA Gala. However, my children's school was also hosting their annual Family Service Night.

What to do? I decided to send along ideas for “dream” live auction items and take the kids to their school instead. Well, I took Ali. Johnny had spring hockey tryouts. (A 6-week tryout-seriously?) There is ALWAYS something…

I think it's extremely important for children to help their communities, be it through their churches, schools or families. From an early age, if we can ingrain the importance of helping others around us, children will learn to think outside themselves and grown in to people of substance.

And the school agrees. So, families gathered in the gymnasium and took part in various projects for several local organizations. Handmade tissue flowers were fluffed to brighten the day of those living in an assisted living center. Chew toys were made for a local animal shelter. Food was donated and lunches were bagged for a local food pantry. We cleaned off toys and created coloring books for children in need.

The art of braiding comes in handy for hair and dogs! My sweet Ali is going to help change the world!

And perhaps those benefiting THE MOST from all the work done this evening were the students themselves…including my favorite kindergartner. I will say one of my proudest moments was when Ali’s teacher said she is already keenly aware of the world and needs of others. Someday I am sure she will be part of the Peace Corp…and I will go with her ;)

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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