First Impressions

There are lot of decisions you will make in the coming weeks regarding your presentation at the Miss Teen, Miss, and Mrs. International pageants. Your headshot will be one of the most difficult decisions you will make. Quite possibly, this could be one of the first impressions you make on the judges. To ensure I had the best possible advice to share with you, I interviewed the official photographer of the International Pageants, the legendary Clay Spann.

Here are Clay’s suggestions and tips for a headshot that will captivate the judges and intrigue them so they cannot wait to meet you come interview day.

What are the key things to keep in mind when selecting outfits for headshots?

Clay Spann: Make sure to bring both casual and formal clothing as well as a variety or colors and necklines.

What type of jewelry reads best on camera?

Clay Spann: Usually larger accessories show up better on camera. However, if you are going for a more natural look, go with smaller accessories or none at all.

What is the most common make-up mistake in photos?

Clay Spann: Some of the most common mistakes that clients can make when applying makeup for a photoshoot are: Not blending eyeshadows and blush well and not applying enough foundation.

How important is the right background to a headshot?

Clay Spann: Backgrounds are important to the headshot. Always take a test shot to make sure the background compliments the client’s wardrobe and skin tone.

What are the keys to catch a judge’s eye with a headshot?

Clay Spann: Be genuine! Always smile the way you would around your friends and family. That way, the photographer will capture your true essence.

Thank you Clay Spann for taking the time to provide this information and for your support of the International Pageants! 

Seek Happiness,



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