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Amy previously shared with you some examples of platform pages, including the stellar work of Susan Botek, official graphic designer of the International Pageants. Let me reiterate how important this document is. Other than your headshot, it will be the first chance for you to share a glimpse of yourself, your platform dedication, and your plan as a titleholder before you are actually sitting in front of the judges. It is imperative that it is well organized, error free, and speaks directly to your persona. Essentially, it is who you are in paper form.

Let me share with you my state platform page and illustrate where I fell short and how I reconciled it in my national page.


-I wasted so much space in the text of the title and tagline clearly losing out on opportunities to include further substance.

-HUGE photos and text! As much as I love the pictures from my trip to Africa, they really dominate the page. Truthfully, I probably did not physically print out this and see just how large it would read on the page – DON’T make that mistake!

-While the tagline “engage, educate, empower” is certainly a plan of action to implement my platform, it doesn’t really say WHY my platform is relevant and requires attention.


-While the color combination leaves much to be desired, having a cohesive color/text theme can make the overall look more polished.

-I chose photos that would feed off of the strongest items on my fact sheet that I wanted to draw extra attention to. By visually emphasizing stories and experiences that show your strongest platform connections, you invite the judges to ask you questions that you know you can knock out of the park.


-Turquoise and yellow have been “my” colors for a very long time. My platform is all about spreading joy and happiness so I knew they would be the perfect way to communicate my “bright” outlook without having to say a word.

-Bullet points are a great way to break up text without losing substance so you can keep a judges attention while sharing lots of information.

-This is your chance to show all you have done as a state/regional/national titleholder so the judges can imagine where you will take your platform on a larger stage.

It’s not perfect, but it contained substance on the topic to reach various demographics, showed my dedication at length, and spoke to my personality in a way that would stand out.

Keep in mind:

-Have multiple people check over your paperwork to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors

-Substance, substance, substance!

-Present a professional document. You can have fun with your platform page, absolutely! However, if you do not have graphic design experience I URGE you to seek reputable assistance. (Ahem, Susan Botek)

Seek Happiness,



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