New Jersey International Pageant

As the state directors for New York, Jodi and Scott Cessna, are also the directors of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania International pageants I have had those state pageant dates on my calendar from day 1. I was even MORE excited when I was asked to judge this year’s pageant.

I take my judging VERY seriously. Why shouldn’t I? After all, I know what the “dream job” entails and that the reputation of the International Pageant system lies heavily on our titleholders of every level. I did my diligent research on each contestant and their platform and designed my questions to show me how far each contestant had come with their platform and where they intend to go.

There was SO much potential in the contestants in each age division in New Jersey. There were true connections to platforms and many inspiring stories that in reality, made my job easy because even within this tight race I could focus on each woman individually and know however the cards fell, a deserving woman would wear the crown at the end of the day. However, I think with determination and continued hard work we will see many future state queens come out of this particular class.

The other best thing about a Cessna pageant is knowing that I will be reunited with so many of my pageant sisters and family. No matter the miles between us, when we are together it is like no time has passed at all. To be around so many people with genuine hearts always makes for fun and mentally fulfilling weekend.

Being sassy after interviews

An Ellen-Style selfie with my fellow judges

A more dignified pose of the judges

An outsiders view of a selfie with my PA and NJ sister queens, Rachel and Jenna

Congratulations to our new NJ titleholders: Allison, Lea, and Alex

Seek Happiness,



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