Illinois International Pageant

This is one of the most precious pictures I have of Johnny. It was take a year ago while he was praying I would become Mrs. Illinois International 2013. He wanted that SO badly.

Fast-forward a year. This weekend I helped welcome in a new 2014 Mrs. Illinois International along with new Miss and Miss Teen Illinois International titleholders. And although my year as Mrs. International continues, there are several people to thank who helped me become Mrs. Illinois and prepare for Mrs. International.

Of course I thank my husband. He has always supported me and in so many ways. My children are incredible little beings who have been so excited and enthusiastic even when I miss time with them so I may serve others.

My mother and father have been my long-distance cheerleaders. My mother is always a perfect source for advice and brainstorming. Jennifer has time and again demonstrated true generosity and selflessness over this year. I’ve always been able to count on my friendship with Michelle and Rona, even though we're hundreds of miles apart. Holly, Sarah and Gaspar made sure I was ready for Illinois and beyond. Geri, Lori, Tim and Bill offered keen insight as I prepared for International. BTW, Gerri is now one of the directors for Ohio International! And Dee has since become a friend of mine who has always been so giving. I am a blessed person to be surrounded by such love and support. Thank you!

Look at this arrangement Dee and Debbie brought for me. The mini crown looks like the International crown!

And of course I must thank the Illinois International staff. It is no easy task to produce a state pageant each year and help titleholders during their year.

Congratulations to the new Illinois International queens. Mrs. Illinois-Randi Moxi, Miss Illinois-Jessica Taylor and Miss Teen Illinois-Camille Paddock. You are now embarking on a terrific adventure filled with so many opportunities to positively impact others. You are going to love the International Pageants system, the Richardsons and everyone who is a part of this remarkable family. I will see you all soon in Jacksonville!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


  1. Amy that was beautiful! Camille is so very excited to start her journey as Miss Teen Illinois International and already we feel the love from the International pageant family! I'm looking forward to all the great things Camille will be doing as Miss Teen Illinois International and all the friends she will be making along the way. The fact that she gets to share her platform Cam's Dare To Be Different with so many people is the cherry on top of the sundae! I hope that Camille will make you all proud!


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